Recently a method has been developed to detect the amount of advertising alliance

    recently, I do advertising advertising, I feel strange, no matter how I put to sue, even put that very attractive advertising, click rate is always below%2, and every day, and I feel very cow B, so, think and think. Online search ah search, finally,, developed a method, how advertising in the user point, my background also recorded hits.

    (Note: if you put ads in the picture picture, as long as you add a ONCLICK method can record the user clicks, the number of points of advertisement)   advertising code is generally JS, so to get the record to click on ads, focus ads with this method, the disadvantage is that users point right click on the number, but also can stimulate, but we think the general which users will click on ads, and unless your website is technical personnel to see more of that kind of, the general technical staff love study, can look at the code, my website is a novel network, so this is the case of the basic =0,

      finally, I counted a few days, the number of clicks, basically I back is more than and 100, but to the publicity, easy to read, and the advertisement, dizzy, my record has recorded 4 hits, all other ads do not add up to 10

    I want to say is, how will have statistics in error, but may not be such a big difference,,, 100 into 4, and, in 20%, the error can be tolerated, and now is (100-4) /100=96%………… B….

… Cattle…

    so we do think alliance also own statistical code,, try a few of his trial, is really a lot to say, online which good what, they go to the very unreliable, which really buckle less to do (not buckle no)
above is absolutely true

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