Google Adwords how to optimize the account quality score related questions

believes that many webmaster have put Google ads on AdWords, and Google AdWords quality score is the essence of advertising, optimizing the quality score as optimization search ranking is every webmaster pursuit, today finishing hot issues of quality score on the Google AdWords advertising to do the relevant answer.

problem 1: the quality score of the account is just beginning to do well, but for some time the quality score is getting worse.

answer: like this account, must first learn to analyse accounts data analysis, keyword impressions and click rate is lower than before, if the account data does not change, then the method is to optimize the advertising language, advertising is the best in the top three of the advertising language (integrated copy) can improve the quality score.

problem two: too professional industry keywords show less, click less, quality score difference


like this is related to the impact of the industry average, can be optimized from the keywords, add some broad keywords, let keyword display, a click, which is helpful to improve the quality.

question three: customer keyword quality score is very poor, how to optimize is not good, but also re built the ad group, and his peers on the ads, he did not show

answer: key account has this kind of situation, is the impact of regional search volume, the method can submit a few keywords, such as good quality, stable, and submit other keywords, bid when the high point, let advertising display.

question four: if the customer to do a few products. But on different areas, how to put the best?

answer: there are customer advertising, advertising area is different, the use of methods, according to the regional advertising, help to improve the quality of the account score.

this is only a few issues of concern, but there are a lot of problems waiting for you to work together to answer the webmaster, I hope you have a lot of experience to share out, learning together and progress together. This paper comes from the quality of ice and snow white, please indicate the author and son

thank you!

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