An ordinary webmaster eyes Google AdSense

recently saw a lot of people in the discussion of Google AdSense, the forum has even started posting someone looking for someone to apply Google AdSense account. When I first do is to rely on Google AdSense to profitability and create a more glorious period can be said, so we see the super stationmaster forum so many people so focus on Google AdSense, I have to say one or two words.

What is

Google AdSense? Google AdSense is actually an advertising alliance is Google’s application, after Google can be advertising, search box on your website, and as long as the user has effective click, you can get some income. The most attractive thing is that because Google is an American company, so the ads are also u.s.. It can be said that the same content the same hits website, put Google AdSense on the domestic advertising than other CPC advertising revenue is much better, and the advertising content Google AdSense is according to the content of your website to match the degree of correlation is very good. Google AdSense’s reputation is also extremely good, as long as your website and advertising not in violation of regulations, as long as your account with one hundred dollars, you can receive the payment, which is why Google AdSense has always been one reason is the best word-of-mouth advertising alliance.

well, not everyone can have a good thing. Google AdSense for the applicant’s website is required, the most basic requirement is to be healthy, not illegal, vulgar, involving copyright and other illegal content. To meet these requirements, the quality of the site, the internal capacity, flow, the user experience, there are certain requirements. It can be said that a new application domain has just opened the station, certainly don’t want to pass the Google AdSense audit; secondly, the content of rare and stereotyped does not have its own characteristics without certain traffic sites also don’t want to; in addition, the web is full of pop, is full of advertising, people at a glance to open the eyes of second sites, not through Google AdSense audit.

my Google AdSense account is applied in 2005, although my account is not the first batch of Chinese accounts Google AdSense, but it is definitely called the old number. Apply down after a long period of time because of some reasons not to put off, was also a K and had. It can be said that my GG account witnessed the road of my webmaster. Here I would like to talk about my views on Google AdSense:

a good horse with a good saddle, with a sword knight, Google AdSense although very attractive, but if you want to pass G>

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