Taobao started buying channel yesterday

is good at personal online shopping the yesterday launched the "group purchase" channel, will generally occur in the field of building decoration before the "group purchase" large-scale online shopping personal life, relates to the field of food, clothing, toys etc..

yesterday is the first day of the official launch of Taobao group channel. According to data provided by Taobao, as of 17 p.m., there are about 70 thousand sellers to participate in the purchase, on-line more than 100 thousand goods, trading volume of more than $2 million, accounting for 3% of the daily turnover of Taobao. A large number of orders come in a throng, almost no time to reply to the seller. A sale of Pecan sellers in Zhejiang, after the opening of the group features
 ), daily turnover of nearly 1000 kg.

it is understood that the majority of sellers to buy the price of the introduction of close to the cost price, and even some of the commodity price is only about 40% of the retail price of the same commodity line. Taobao official said that the reason why the introduction of this channel, mainly friends appeal. After the survey found that more than 95% of sellers and more than 98% of buyers are expected to open the buy feature. Not all sellers are eligible to buy". Taobao provides that the seller to reach 5 hearts, praise rate of more than 98% in order to get the buy function. For buyers, as long as there are 10 people in the specified time together to buy the seller to buy the specified purchase of goods, you can enjoy the purchase price. Huangmei


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