From the personal webmaster to the success of the network business earn 50 thousand yuan month exper

network to make money, make money online, referred to as wangzhuan. As the name suggests, "Wangzhuan" refers to the use of computer equipment, server through Internet (Internet) from the network profitable way to make money. This is an explanation from Baidu encyclopedia. Summed up is the use of the Internet for low-cost entrepreneurship.

I am a very small webmaster in China 3 million webmaster, has done a personal website, engage in SEO, opened the shop, do plug-in navigation. In many webmaster Wangzhuan site and saw a large number of articles to share my Wangzhuan, after reading the article and try various Wangzhuan summarizes some of my little experience to share with you.

This time I choose the

project is in the Internet sales of slimming, breast enhancement products, we all know that female product is most easily in the commodity sales and profit rate is the highest, weight loss, breast enhancement products in women’s products have a high demand, high profit margins, easy network sales and other characteristics, it even many webmaster choose to do women, reduce weight of the station, through their website alliance can earn money, but earn money is limited, and the union buckle quantity seriously so I do not advocate this Wangzhuan way. Through Baidu and other search engine advertising can be seen, this kind of advertising there are a lot of people do and click on the key words have reached a few dollars or tens of dollars, it is clear that this kind of product is how to make money.

first choice of products, the Internet has a lot of related weight loss, breast enhancement products, then how to choose a good product to sell it? I choose the product has three requirements:

1 high margin

business profit is the most important, there is no profit thing everyone will do, so high profit margins to ensure our income, because we have the marketing cost, ensure all the big profits we can to promote.

2 price system unified

I said the unity of the price system, refers to the retail price of the product in all places should be unified, so that when we promote the user will not be lost to other places. Some of the products sold on the Internet is very chaotic, what the price is there, dozens of dollars sold on Taobao, the shop sold hundreds, so that we can not sell the vicious competition.

3 aftermarket support

you know we just to earn money by selling products, we have the advantage of network marketing rather than product experts, must take the customer service to product manufacturers to do, because they were better than us, to solve customer problems.

4 best delivery

Do Wangzhuan

are a lot of personal webmaster and open shop or know some network marketing and promotion skills, if you can open shop and advanced goods to the customer on delivery, if a webmaster or master website promotion personnel is the best one can find the goods on behalf of manufacturers for you the product to the customer.

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