How to put Google AdSense ads on Baidu space

Baidu space is very interesting, because it is the child of Baidu, Baidu is very friendly to it, Baidu space inside the article on the weight of Baidu is very good. You can try their own, in their own Baidu space published articles are easy to be included.

my article is not to teach you to use Baidu space to apply Google AdSense, because Baidu space is not supported by advertising. But if you apply for a Google Adsense through other blogs or websites, you can indirectly make your ads displayed on Baidu space. This is a rare attempt, and it is not worth promoting. A friend in need can try.

add popups in Baidu space, add the GOOGLE code is very simple.

add GOOGLE code to JS code, including pop:

1, the establishment of a web page, above the GOOGLE code, if it is 720*90 code. If the web page address is http://s.jiankangzhishi.net/ads.html

2, the local establishment of a web page, the name of the name abc.html can be arbitrary.

3, use Notepad to open the web page, and then enter:

< iframe  border=0  name=lantk  src=" http://s.jiankangzhishi.net/ads.html"   width=920  height=90  allowTransparency  scrollbars=yes  frameBorder=" 0" > < /iframe> /p>

4, close the Notepad, open the abc.html and press CTRL+A to copy down the page, and then directly on the Baidu post edit page, paste it, they shield the code editor, can in fact be through this mode of direct copy.

5, and the code window take the same way, only the width=920 height=90 two number changed to 1, 1 can be.

to explain to you, Google for the JS call is not very cold, we do not call too much. Also, to guide the flow of Baidu is the best way, but also the safest way. We can do this Baidu space this idea.

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