Baidu GG Ali era we a situation of tripartite confrontation who do small station

Baidu GG Ali era we a situation of tripartite confrontation, the owners who choose


looked that several domestic advertising alliance, we can call the small station can see hope and trust that Baidu, GG, Ali. But as the saying goes, diandaqike, for our small owners, the choice of what kind of a union to earn our living expenses that actually? The alliance is more suitable for our small station? I will analysis. To help you make the right choice:

first Baidu Alliance: (application address Baidu alliance CPC divided into about 50%. Most clicks on 0.1 to $0.2. Quite a lot of style. Full 100 yuan to pay. Support bank card and post office remittance. There are some difficulties in applying. Baidu auction Alliance Entertainment station. Requires Alexa ranking within 5W. The station is not up to the number, there is a more important is. Like a little garbage station, do Baidu bidding alliance easily by Baidu K. In addition, the price of personal feeling Baidu PPC too little! Had hung up for a period of time no one clicks on the basic, I gave up!

followed by Google Adsense (application address, I am from 06 years to do the Google alliance. Unit price is also good. Easy to apply, if you do it as long as there is English station traffic and then click the appropriate rate to the money, you can send. Now support checks and remittance. Collection is also convenient. 100 U.S. dollars to pay, personally strongly recommend hanging GG advertising, ADMIN5 has also been a period of time, to understand the GGAD looks like Baidu does not drop right!

again is the Ali Mama, it can be said that he is now the most popular alliance with Alibaba, mad burn, now the league has gathered a lot of popularity, many sites are hung up the Ali Mama advertising, I personally feel that the Union has great potential because of the strong support of YAHOO adwords. Otherwise, if the site is put on the long list of advertising. All advertising are waiting, so I would do it. In addition to the Ali Mama bottom line without Alipay paid too convenient, no matter how much you do, as long as it is normal income next month will enter the Alipay, you can withdraw cash in can consumption is very convenient.

below to analyze the difference between these several

name of the application to apply for an easy to pay the amount of the payment amount of

Baidu extremely difficult 100RMB bank transfer post office

Google adsense is easy to check (100 knife Western Union this loss good big ah, but the speed of the individual


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