Liu Erchuang people do not follow the trend

with the progress of the times, the development of science and technology, more and more people join the ranks higher, of course, there will be a lot of people quit the industry so in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, this industry, why more than 80% of the income is not working much money? I think the reason is a lot of friends love to follow suit.

most people have a common interest, that is to follow suit, such as:

1:08 click on the site when the fire, a lot of people do.

2: this year’s Taobao off the fire, and there are a lot of people to join.

3: including several days of "little moon", you know. So why do so many people like that? I think it is herding blame, herding is that people often are most people affected, and following public thoughts or behavior, also known as the "herd effect". People follow what the public agrees, and they don’t think about the meaning of the event. Herding effect is the basis of resorting to mass fallacy. In economics, herding is often used to describe the herd mentality. The sheep is a very messy organization, usually together is blindly, but once there is a sheep move, all the rest will without thinking to jump on the bandwagon, regardless of there might be a wolf or a better grass. Therefore, "herding" is a metaphor for people have a herd mentality, herd mentality is very easily lead to blindness, and it often in a hoax or failed. (Baidu encyclopedia definition).

now Taobao off a lot of people in the single page do, I think that a conservative estimate of 100W station, single page station at the beginning of the Tao do when the effect is very good, now more and more? No, first if the customer through the search into your station, his mind has been done, why? See more pictures, a half alive tired one month the station did not have much money, if you change the thinking to do? A lot of Taobao off the practice, I casually said in June that time, batch through the software download, edit, upload baby baby, descriptions of the hyperlink, although Taobao baby inside the link can not jump, but his family can still, to find their own specific solutions, this thing is very old, used to do when the 600 baby 2 small When fix, every shop has about 50 IP after 10 days, almost every day there are about 20-30 income, can buy a lot of Alipay, this method is K, but note that no problem. Why is IP so little income is OK, we all know why.

so we do after what things do not follow suit, suit = impulse, do things carefully before through the brain thinking, whether do it or not, depends on yourself, others say nothing.

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