The new business will earn coins speed and death

in recent days, which day do not remember. The old union www.anytree.cn and union.moyu.com q-coins business suddenly closed, many webmaster friends are very confused, have asked, and transfer positions. Is this is the power of the Tencent? Coral, and a "masterpiece"? Anyway, time will give the answer.

— comment about here remaining several other coins alliance, was drowned slobber is not afraid, because I got a conscience to say, and it is the result of the test data.

www.733.com, the alliance had the effect of Q coins do, but it is strange when they click billing and settlement sometimes say the effect is not good, click on the button number, it is difficult to understand, oh


www.033.com, the Q alliance is according to CPC, in each big forum is bad countless, also do the earliest coins alliance, but on the other I most sad one.

has a little brother mentioned www.wxadv.com and union.91ivr.com today, the only remaining less charged according to the CPA is more suitable for Q currency union, SEO and music site, so now I try, the effect remains to be further verified, today is the first day, the effect is also good, if not good, continue to article call tomorrow.

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