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Dealflicks founder Kevin · Hong and · van in the rear compartment in

When Kevin

· (Kevin Hong); Hong abandoned Wall Street job to become an entrepreneur, he does not know what it means to be in a van in Yishanbuzheng spent several months.

Kevin · hung, aged 28, is co-founder of venture capital firm Dealflicks. The company hopes to become a "film oriented Priceline (US online travel service provider)". Recently, Kevin · Hong spent a lot of time, and collaborator Evan van · (Evan Pham), driving the van of his father from one city to another city, and try to make the cinema cinema signing, participate in online discount items of the company.

in order to save money, Kevin · Hong and · fan in the gym to take a bath, to the hotel to beg for breakfast, and used some of the meeting to get candles as an exchange to persuade the hotel to provide meals. The other 3 co founders of the company operate their businesses in San Francisco. At night, Kevin · Hong and · van slept on a mattress in a van. This is a TOYOTA Sienna, Kevin · Hong Sing TSX with his father in exchange for this car, and from March began his journey. He pulled the van rear seat, put in a mattress. They used to hang their T-shirts on the front windshield so that passers-by could not see the car.

Kevin ·, Hong said via Skype: "I never thought that I would experience this as an entrepreneur." He was taking advantage of McDonald’s free WiFi hot Internet access, and the hotel lobby is often their reliable temporary office.

they have traveled more than 15 thousand miles now and have traveled through the city of more than and 20. They believe that face-to-face communication is better than making phone calls. Dealflicks spent 10 months signing up to a total of 100 movie theaters, including the completion of the signing of the contract by telephone and e-mail, and the signing of the contract by the 3 companies through the outsourcing company, and the signing of the 91 companies from the face to face exchanges. In order to attract the attention of the cinema, they visited the cinemas all over the country. They started in the warm southern states, and that has worked. In the past 3 months, they have signed up to 45 cinemas.

Evan ·, fan said: "we have come to realize that, especially in the cinema industry, this is a relationship driven business. If you don’t talk to them face to face, you will be at the bottom of their list."

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