1 1 is greater than the Shiseido 2 T2C promotion strategy


T2C as Chinese Internet advertising media leading integrated platform operators now has more than and 20 members million websites, total daily page has been viewed more than 150 million times, covering finance, computer network, entertainment, culture and art, comprehensive portal and other 19 areas.

recently in Japan is famous for its rigorous, meticulous skin care products Shiseido T2C handshake for New Year gift online promotion activities.

is the most important media strategy and effect for any product. Set according to the target audience to promote products, new products to T2C’s "love" implementation of advertising. Based on the T2C platform huge media resources, form in the window to the three forms of Flash, pictures, text, chain, combined with graphic illustrations of the way, the full flow rate of exposure to bring extraordinary advertising effect.

to choose the audience quality network is one of the key categories, put in effect. According to the characteristics of the audience, skin care products on the entertainment and lifestyle website, specifically for female customers, the purpose is to attract a wide range of women’s attention in a short time, so that they quickly understand the Shiseido event information, increase the degree of cognition, while the corresponding increase in brand awareness. This professional custom and the effect of billing network solutions, not only for advertisers to save the cost of advertising, but also for advertisers to create a higher rate of return on investment. Cooperation with Shiseido, is a typical case of T2C love point to put the program, based on the media platform advertising alliance plus love point of the launch strategy, the effect is well beyond the expected value.

update time: 2008-1-22

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