The trend of independent entrepreneurship has been the rise of China’s entrepreneurial boom

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news December 8th, according to the British "Financial Times" reported that the China business school students tend to self employment, provide convenient "light" Standford of the Peking University and the Tsinghua University innovation project X Laboratory for such entrepreneurship.

northwest of Beijing, an office building of the cold basement, a group of young entrepreneurs want people sitting in front of a computer screen, stared at the screen of the latest software prototype development. A few kilometers away, in a room with heating facilities, obviously more luxurious basement room, about 30 managers and entrepreneurs in the heat to discuss new products and the company’s creative ideas.

startups are booming in China, and the two groups of people in the two different places are the best examples. With Europe and the United States business school report, students are more and more interested in their own business. China’s business schools also feel their students’ desire to start a business.

intelligent spoken English practice fluent English said co-founder and CEO Wang Yi said that entrepreneurship is a very sexy thing. In 2013, the English browser said it was the only one to be rated as China’s annual application of educational products.

Wang Yi said, it is clear that China’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm has an increasing trend, the top venture capital companies are looking for young entrepreneurs, the entire ecosystem is also supporting the formation of. In recent years, companies that have had the greatest impact on people’s lives have come from the Internet industry. Behind these companies are ordinary people to achieve great cause inspirational story.

in October and November, Wang Yi attended the Stanford University set up a "light" innovation projects, this is the project for the first time in Chinese classes. In the Standford center at the Peking University campus, 30 entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are designing a business plan that could lead to great success in the future.

Wang Yi’s own story is a true portrayal of many new entrepreneurs in china. He went to the United States to study for a doctorate, after two years of work in Google to return to work in an Internet Marketing Company in Shanghai. The other two founders of English are also very similar. More and more Chinese study abroad, and then return home to start a business, rather than into the traditional large companies.

in the humble basement of Tsinghua University, you can feel the entrepreneurial atmosphere. In the X laboratory room, students and alumni of the Tsinghua University and the crowds of angels. They are developing the newest products include electric motor scooter, affordable 3D printers and wearable health monitor.

Mao Donghui, executive director of the X

lab, said that since the establishment of the X lab 18 months ago, there have been several start-up companies using its facilities in the. 300 of them are continuing to grow, more than 30 have received substantial financing. What’s more, every Thursday X lab team will hold a project meeting, every week 10 new companies will become X labs >

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