Taobao shop monthly income of million experience sharing market selection

Hello everyone, I am an old friend of everyone. I believe that this article to see friends like me, is also a hope to do their own work in the Taobao people. If you are not in the Taobao store in the monthly income of 10000 yuan, so please take a few minutes to read this article carefully. Bound to help you in the process of Taobao shop.

although I have been doing the network for five or six years, but the Taobao shop, only a year and a half. First of all, I now through the Taobao store revenue of 10000 yuan per month on average. I believe that this is a lot of Taobao shop a new goal. Of course, to achieve this goal, I am very happy, at least in their own Taobao career and a higher level. The following is the latest month’s revenue screenshot:


so what do I do if I have a lot of friends who might have questions about it: "it’s not too late to open a Taobao store late?". Why so many friends shop is give up halfway? Of course, there are a lot of reasons. Although it is not open late, but not to say: open shop can make money! So what can a monthly income of 10000? Of course there is a skill of


any money making project has just started when some people make a lot of money, but with the passage of time, slowly, the market will be more and more competition. This is why there are so many friends will find it difficult to shop Taobao reasons. So now the competition is so big, how can we have a place in it? It needs to have a different understanding of Taobao. So perhaps everyone has their own views on Taobao shop. I will tell you how I through the Taobao shop monthly income of 10000 yuan.


is the need to have a different understanding, then we can’t play by the rules. So I understand that:

1, most people shop to sell clothes, shoes and other mainstream commodities. Select the reasons: large market demand. This is the common sense out of. Novice friends choose these mainstream products, and now more than 90% people eventually give up. So these people think: it is difficult to open a Taobao shop.

2, a small part of the people to sell some popular commodities, such as goods, services and so on virtual design. Reasons for choice: small market, small competition. This is not in accordance with the rules of the people. Whether it is new or old shops, more than 90% people earn money in development.

more than two points it is easy to see how we should choose their own products. Then we will certainly choose the market is small, the competition is small commodity. Why? A lot of people ask, why the small market to do, the market is not doing it? Then I’ll explain to you:

1, the market is big, the competition is big, Taobao appears on the network for so many years, has always been no >

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