Wangzhuan months summary must have their own website

today is December 31, 2009, it is estimated that many people are in the end of the year to write it, ha ha, I also write a network of their own money to make year-end summary. I am 09 years beginning in October that the network can make money, and then began to learn the knowledge of the network to make money, try QQ space, free forum, English free blog and other ways to do a few obsolete items, earn only a few dollars. But the first time from the union where the money is still very happy. Then I began to understand, although some people think that blind investment beginner don’t, the best use of free resources began to try. But the free resources is not easy to use, for example, basically it is difficult to apply to advertising, it is difficult to put according to the wishes of their own external links, it is difficult to promote, but the key is not full control, easy to hard to do the project, perhaps one day will be deleted, I believe many people there are similar lessons! In January this year, I finally decided to do its own website, make use of phpcms, the domain name space and a total investment of 70 yuan. The first station to do a lot of problems encountered, and no teacher can ask around, difficult to imagine. But I do not know who to listen to, the search engine is the best teacher, as long as the hard work, in fact, most of the problems can be found on the internet. Slowly, do the benefits reflected:

1, can apply to a lot of advertising, don’t like before the

is too high to be reached, ha ha!

2, you can arbitrarily adjust the content, add code, put links, like how to get on how to get.

3, we also did the webmaster, can be stately on the East West on the Internet and master who participate in various webmaster party, on the network’s social status has been improved obviously.

4, through the station, significantly improve the technical level, no longer easily deceived, and gradually clear the direction of future struggle.

The small website of my

, put a few Taobao customer links within a month to recover the costs, now two months to earn more than and 200, while away from my goal is still far away, but for a beginner, I feel quite satisfied, after all I do part-time this, more than two hours a day on average do wangzhuan. With the first successful experience, and now I began to do their own second stations. See A5 today Google updates the PR value, I’ll go out, my little website in just two months has actually risen PR3, ha is really too happy! May be mainly because of my site is basically the original reason! 09 later, in 10, I must to earn more money. I hope you Wangzhuan novice as soon as possible has its own website


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