Voice business on the phone hot market profitability difficult entrepreneurs can hold on how long

radio this traditional form of media, is the popularity of smart phones usher in a new. The problem is, in the market is not mature, the profit model is not clear now, these all entrepreneurs, how long can


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The new

studio in Beijing Apple community B block 15 layer, founder Shi Kaiwen every day after work will be adopted in the new kitten with Simba leisurely play the guitar. In this style of Bauhaus design studio, Shi Kai paper began his fifth venture. Unlike the previous four, this time Shi Kaiwen will no longer touch the voice business".

this is not due to the failure of On the contrary, a few months after the complete withdrawal from the, there are still customers call Shi Kaiwen, seeking depth cooperation on the platform, many of which BMW international brands. This is obviously not a business failure and angrily turned the old script, but Shi Kaiwen realized that, by virtue of their own small team of a dozen people have been unable to win in the upcoming mobile radio market melee, let get more powerful group support through the sale of the company, has become the last thing the founder of yourself brought up the "child" can do.

this may be a microcosm of the mobile banking market business logic.

in recent years, with the popularity of smart mobile phone and mobile Internet technology, mobile radio business is quietly rising, the radio of traditional media forms, with the popularization of intelligent mobile phone is to usher in the new.

from the media research data show that although the audience is listening to the radio is dwindling, but the proportion of people listening to the radio through the mobile terminal is constantly increasing. At the end of 2013, the number of the audience listening to broadcast radio listeners have accounted for 47.8% of the number of the mobile phone terminal, an increase of nearly 18% compared to 2011 year-on-year, personalized audio content provided by listening to the mobile station has become a lot of users playing on time, get up and start to sleep when the choice between. "Compared with the use of your eyes to see the phone, the mobile station is a voice of the ‘accompanying’ state, you can continue to do what you want to do, and you like the voice of the content will always be with you." Shi Kaiwen describes the advantages of using mobile phones to listen to content.

on the other hand, through the user listen to the contents of the background and accurate user data analysis, advertisers and brands have considerable appeal. Now, with the maturity of technology, the voice market is increasingly being concerned about advertisers and brands, a large number of companies began to try to put ads on mobile radio.

fiery market, has made the voice of the mobile terminal around the lake increasingly turbulent. Since 2012,, excellent listening, Himalaya, koala FM, lychee FM have joined the competition, the various home appliances Taiwan

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