see some misunderstandings of current guest website

Effects of

on the Taobao system and Amoy Amoy promotion money demonstration effect, more and more people to join the guest team, in many ways of promotion, website promotion into many guest preferred guest sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, but in a large number of guest website but few distinct the characteristics and promotion mode is more clear, commodity list, 1000 station side, it is very difficult to impress the buyers, is not to mention the guide effect effectively. As a guest of the station, I wish to talk about several misunderstandings of the current website and guest location in their views, hoping to play a role.

A misunderstanding: the

website, Amoy, miscellaneous:

A lot of

station ready-made program to do, and now do some program station Amoy style is similar and similar, this is not only a similar page style is similar, and the promotion of commodity pattern is similar, is a copy of Taobao’s page style and layout, or directly use the guest system channel promotion now, this leads to a lot of station similarity, 1000 station side, not only the common personality, now many guest website is a small Taobao, this station will be attractive to buyers? Are similar to Taobao people why go through your station to buy Taobao, rather than directly to the Taobao bought, so this station is very difficult with viscosity. In view of this situation, my advice is to promote the main guest website should be special, specialize in, not to engage in large, small and specialized, owners should be an expert to go to the station to promote their own identity with goods, "store" instead of going to the grocery store.

error two: Amoy website:

not only purchase guideLocation of

Amoy site should be a guide, what is the guide? Is the guide, even by focusing on the product features, tips, evaluation, rather than a simple commodity list, but now a lot of Amoy open web site to see just full page pictures and product sales prices, characteristics of this product in the performance the use of the skills to attract and impress consumers, arouse their desire to buy the content is not, I feel this is a total misunderstanding in most of the current washing station. A long-term Amoy owners should not be merely a website builder, it is a specialized in a product of experts and consumer advisor, through their own professional knowledge to guide and influence consumer buying behavior, which effectively influence consumer behavior of such station to consumers in this field. Can the web surfers’ desire to buy into actual purchase behavior, the website in order to generate revenue.

error three: choose the standard guest website promotion object:

guest website is by the promotion of commodity and in accordance with the actual transaction price and the seller promised Taobao percentage commission, Amoy system in the promotion of goods generally have such characteristics: high percentage corresponding to high price; the low percentage corresponds to a low price. Now a lot of Amoy

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