Lenovo gold fighter A8 Standard Edition the first two eleven electricity supplier

November 3rd, the highly anticipated Lenovo gold fighter A8 (Standard Edition) officially announced the price, the higher is beyond all expectations, Lenovo gold fighter A8 (Standard Version) is priced at 698 yuan, compared with a mobile version of millet red rice 1S 699 low price just 1 yuan, determination and confidence hit this remarkable Lenovo spy millet.


comparison of competing products A8 Standard Edition can be called the first

today, thousand yuan 4G intelligent machines because of various factors of daily operation has a comparable flagship large screen, high resolution and smooth enough experience, dual card dual standby network standard, low price etc. it has super price, the market has been very hot. In this market, the red rice 1S has been First impressions are strongest occupy the leading position in the market, followed by ZTE, HUAWEI, cool and other domestic manufacturers, has launched a series of intelligent thousand yuan new machine force have formed a encirclement of the red rice, but only HUAWEI show meet as equals the force. Lenovo gold fighter A8 Standard Version of the release, I believe the impact of red rice 1S to be more direct and obvious.

price, Lenovo gold fighter A8 Standard Edition is not only lower than the current market competing products, configuration is higher than many. Compared with red rice 1S mobile version, Lenovo gold fighter A8 (Standard Version) whether it is the dominant frequency, memory, battery or screen, cameras are far beyond. Its processor configuration MTK MT6592m+6290 eight core 1.4GHz core CPU, using a 28 nm HPM process, Cortex-A7 architecture. After the depth of optimization, compared with the same kind of 4G thousand yuan class products, the overall performance of the CPU increased by 20%, while the 1GB capacity of LPDDR3 high-speed memory, LPDDR2 speed increased by 50%, power consumption decreased by 20%.

GPU, A8 Standard Version of the main frequency of 600MHz Mali450-MP4 with a fever class GPU, performance increased by 40%, support for H. decoding, also supports Hd 1080p video decoding. The camera is a 13 million pixel rear camera and a 5 million pixel front camera, equipped with dual flash and 2500mAh battery. It is worth mentioning that, in order to deal with consumer complaints about mobile phone life issues, A8 Standard Version of the emergency power options for a variety of options, while monitoring the power consumption of each application, the application of abnormal alarm. In addition to the introduction of sine wave brightness energy saving regulation, only one of the power saving 5%-30%.

compared with this, red rice 1S mobile version configuration using MT6582+6290, quad core 1.3GHzCPU, the screen is still using 4.7 inches of red rice 720P HD screen, the screen color is 16 million color. Equipped with 1GB running memory and 8GB body memory, 2200mAh batteries, while the fuselage back camera is 8 million pixels, including LED fill >

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