Venture capital investment enterprises like specialization entrepreneurship should seize a market e

companies should seize a little into the market

reporters found that many VCs are not love a corporate pursuit of "big and complete", the love of investment, is often "specialization point" enterprises.

Yang Fei said, ‘special’ looks easy. Chinese companies do not have the world’s top five hundred, it was added on the line, in fact, is not the world’s top five hundred. We create a business, want to blindly, blindly wide is not enough, in fact, as long as the point of doing a good job, and then cut into the market, there is a chance of getting bigger."

an Internet start-up companies, said the opportunity to feel too much in the future, WeChat, two-dimensional code, as well as the application of a variety of new technologies can be excited to sleep. The company started from the end of last year to study Internet marketing, this year has invested about 1 million yuan of funds used in Internet technology, especially the positioning technology. We have received some needs, such as children in reading, parents do not know whether it is to the school. And through the positioning technology, the child to school, the system will automatically send information to parents, to inform the child where. Positioning technology is also applied in the field of car rental, business tracking, pet positioning, positioning lovers also have a certain market."

entrepreneurial opportunities for the Internet revolution, Hou Qiusheng reminded, I hope more in-depth research, rather than just floating on the surface.

we want to invest in start-up companies, annual growth should be able to achieve more than ten times. In the Internet industry, Bluetooth, WeChat, two-dimensional code, etc., any technology ‘enough to eat’. However, the enterprise is still in the stage of development, there is no possibility of success, may also fail, so we will not consider the investment. We hope that enterprises can achieve the maximization of the interests of a single market."

Hou Qiusheng said that in the Internet age, the survival of mankind has undergone great changes, and all the innovation of the enterprise must adapt to this change. In Taobao, for example, Internet companies should recognize the three elements. First, in the Internet era, everyone’s survival is fragmented, there is no concept of the unit. You are a student at school, turn around, you may be the president of a business. Now the network technology has been split in the past tight personal control relationship. Similarly, the existence of the customer is fragmented. In the singles day, known as sales of 19 billion, buy network products where guests, most people do not know, is all over the Chinese fragmentation exists. The same is true of the site’s suppliers, the fragmentation of the existence of. Second, is how the fragmentation of the guests can be assembled at a high speed. 19 billion of the sales in the day this day come true, it means to have a high-speed access, can let the customer together. Want to have a person, wealth, material rapid aggregation system. Third, is a single way to achieve. 19 billion sales has been able to achieve, because Alipay is strangled all payment systems. Sellers and buyers of money money deposited in Alipay, 1>

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