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if you are a novice, if you want to make money on the Internet, if you want to make money online, please read the following, and then consider whether you want to make money online.

1 if you have your own computer, and a lot of Internet time can be considered to do the network to make money.

2 if you are disgusted with computers and the Internet, please do not join the team.

3 if you are a student, it is better to be a student. Don’t join the team.

4 if you have the ability to bear the psychological health of the body analysis and judgment ability is weak, do not join the team.

5 Wangzhuan is very hard, very difficult to learn a lot of things, please get ready for your

6 Wangzhuan can not let you Fadacai, ready to work as much as you earn.


7 Wangzhuan won’t make you rich overnight, but if you are not careful to let you (be careful investment as pour as a church mouse station)

looked at more than 7, if you have decided to do Wangzhuan, so would you please do the following for

1 can be introduced to introduce a number of foreign e-mail mailbox, such as YAHOO MSn GMAIL ICQMAIL can be

2 download a Kingsoft FastAIT, English translation "should be used, or prepare a English Chinese dictionary.

3 to keep your antivirus software for the latest version, in case your money stolen by hackers.

4 download a multi window browser, click on the ad, look at the mail to use.

5, open your online banking, such as industrial and Commercial Bank of China, agricultural bank, construction bank and other

6 can quickly improve the level of your computer can handle their own computer

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