Lu Weiyu look at the network to make money and execution is very important

see a Henan guy website pretty, then I ask some friends with him, "polite" skills, he said to me, he is studying in a forum, and then put the site to me, when I open this website, found that SEO is a forum. A typical CPS, give me a website, let me register, then give him the Commission website, which is a typical way to make money online. Of course, is a way to make money online.

: the first prerequisite Wangzhuan

make money online condition is to have a computer with internet access on the line, I admire most Internet entrepreneurs are college students, especially some senior school students, their free time too much, even if I fail. Just think: University use free time, make money through the network, not only get the knowledge of the system, can realize their economic freedom. So, many students pass the muddle along without any aim for three wonderful years, of course, I am one of them.

second: are you interested in

, of course, is also interested in the network to make money, all starting from their own hobbies, like the students choose a professional, do not choose what kW hot, when I choose the major of international economy and trade, is that the name of the network to make money, a lot of nice, hot industry threshold is high, after all, you have to spend. Time, money and energy is certainly a lot, of course, if you have tens of millions of yuan, you can play like investment. Network money need a lot of things, not only do you need to do network research, product development needs, but also need to study the key words, write a lot of articles for promotion, if you choose the industry not you love, then you think, it is a life after you how sad thing.

third: can you insist on execution

network takes time, so I suggest to participate in the work of the people not to resign, if the student is not required, to build a web site and earn profits from, not a very simple thing, the first station belongs to the category of Taobao customers I built, from the site to set up in key words the front page of Baidu and began a total profit in a month’s time, of course, is not a lot of money, would deal with the establishment of the cost, because this station is suspected of cheating, and rarely update and change the Baidu ranking algorithm, not very front. So, if you do not go the wrong door words, have at least a few months, when it depends on many factors, you need to do market research, website construction, writing content, promotion, these are not able to finish at one thirty, I is a typical representative to participate in the work, my day is the formal work, night spare time for the network to make money, earn money from the Internet when I can pay my life time, I will resign.

fourth: Wangzhuan recommended

is now a lot of online scams, the reason is that the threshold of online money comparison

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