Cosmetics shop promotion methods and elements

cosmetics online promotion is training to fight, with the same day, geography, and the three elements.

right now, a lot of grassroots webmasters have begun to use the shop system, began operating B2C/C2C model. Here as a novice, to explain to you the way to promote my cosmetics shop. Hope to be able to do shop friends help.

Seoer are described in the content is king. Content is the focus of the extension of the king is the user experience, the shop is also the case, online shop as much as the stars, how to stand out in many shops.

shop external decoration (and)

1, in the purchase of cosmetics, is rarely a single buy, buy a few or even a suit. We want to stand on the user’s point of view, first asked the buyer’s skin, and then according to the skin to choose cosmetics for buyers, so that buyers feel in the virtual network is also a good service.

2, but also to understand the use of cosmetics now buyers are not satisfied with what the place, as treasurer we can introduce their own shops for buyers.

shop decoration (Austria)


the next step is to start with our website. Many MM are various in the purchase of cosmetics purposes, such as acne, moisturizing, sunscreen, whitening, not simply to buy cosmetics to smear so simple. Therefore, the navigation of the site itself is an index of the user’s purchase intent.

cosmetics by category:

1, bath category: shampoo, facial cleanser, shower gel, etc.;

2, skin care category: toner, lotion, hand cream, eye cream, etc.;

3, make-up category: mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, etc.;

4, the category: gel, mousse, baked ointment;


: efficacy of sunscreen, speckle, acne, weight loss etc..

followed by brand classification.

In this

, emphasize that buyers timely delivery this is also very important, can increase repeat, buyers bought your baby at the same time, he will have a look forward to heart immediately receive the baby. So good logistics is equally important.

Timeliness and seasonality of

cosmetics (day time)

cosmetics also need to see the day to eat. Different seasons, customer groups demand for cosmetics is also different. For example, in the winter may be more than a little whitening moisturizing, sunscreen may be very few people to buy (this need to pay attention to is that you do not represent the entire region market prices). In autumn, we do not use sunscreen, but the temperature is still high in southern Hainan.

cosmetics is also a shelf life. This is a bad

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