We rely on it to make money

frankly, I’m a failure of the webmaster. I do not know how to make web pages, do not understand the promotion, do not understand SEO optimization. I have a passion and an idea. Of course, in my mind a lot of ideas may be a bad idea.


website has done a few years, and do not under ten sites. I know this is not too much, for those who do collection station owners, it is negligible. But there is one thing I have to confess, I have experienced more than a dozen websites from the beginning to the end of my exit, there is no profit and no profit plan and the corresponding plan. Because our starting point was the site is not profitable, and that we are also students have no pressure to survive, do it just because of interest.

since the beginning of 06 years of contact with the site management, I have not been involved in the identity of the technician, but an administrator, a site of cultural interpretation. Although at the time, simple data maintenance, site installation, as well as changes to the template, there is no problem for me. But for the development of the website and the day after the team, I always give up my technical role, and I don’t have much technology.

from the beginning to now is planning to do in the management, many times I have been silent, and the diversified problems in the thinking of website development as well as the day after. I have always felt that a single site can only retain a single group of people. The result of a single group of people is the formation of a circle of friends to curb the penetration and dissemination of the culture of the site. Once a circle of friends, so our website will not essential, because they have a QQ mobile phone is more convenient than the site and more efficient communication tools. So at that time I was deeply aware that in order to stay and stay in your site for a long time, you have to take what he thinks is worth or nostalgia.

The value orientation of

any type of website is different, the website should pay attention to information on trade channels, news sites focus on speed and focus on the authority of any type of forum all pay attention to focus on communication atmosphere. Only take their own value orientation and determined to go on, I said, even if you can not make enough money to eat enough. On site advertising development day has in the past, SP myth has become history, we have to start to start to our users, open to all customers.

one of my friends said that I do earn any money for consumers. He made the convenience of information network, three years has always insisted on living polymerization surrounding information, by the end of 07 years to get the first pen financing, 400 thousand. I admire him very much, not admire his ability, because he can do I can do, I can’t do money also help me do. But his tenacity, his insistence, he didn’t give up the things themselves do not abandon the fancy.

this reminds me of a word, "top secret convoy" in TV: don’t worry, you straight forward. This sentence, I feel that to those who have been lost and didn’t always want to Wangzhuan network switch >

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