Taobao owners earn 2 thousand yuan monthly success experience

after a long time after the study of Taobao customers, and gradually have some experience. Now in their own navigation site, the appropriate place to put the Taobao ad. After more than a month of operation, the current profit of a month, has been initially reached more than 2 thousand yuan.

is now operating Taobao customers mostly with FTP are not very understanding of the network novice, so for how to set up the Taobao website is the most utterly ignorant of the guest. But this does not mean that you can not make money through Taobao customers. It’s just that everything has to be a process, and so is Taobao. Today I will introduce you to some of my personal experience and experience in making money.

first, Taobao customers to do is to choose the goods. For the selection of goods, the first is the classification of goods, must choose the classification of their own good, even if you do not know what is the server, so just because the price is high enough to go to the server operation, is more rash action. Secondly, if the a goods and B goods, a to 50% of the profits, B to 20% of the profits, but the price of a more than the B 30%, then select b better, although the profit is relatively low, but sales will be better than the A, if a can only sell 1 pieces, while B can sell 3 a word, why choose a? So not rashly choose high return goods, but meet comparison before the sales volume, to consider.

secondly, when your Taobao website to build up, then you need to consider the publicity and Taobao customer site visit rate. The best way to get people to visit your web site and increase the return rate is to improve the quality and update rate. Only the increase in the number of site updates, website content quality improvement, in order to get a certain effect. Do not update too frequently and irregularly. Update, it is best to update a certain amount of time. Must not be a day to update dozens of articles, and the second is no longer updated.

when the site is established, the most important thing is to have a good stability. Taobao guest site is also true, if the site is not stable enough, then it is easy to be Baidu K off or permanently sealed off. Then, the impact is not just their own efforts to cast to the wind. You may not be able to continue to use this domain name, which is entirely possible. Finally, I wish you all the money to come ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ on the first to write so much, and then write tomorrow., remember my station, web site to make money.

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