Kickstarter project financing for 1 billion to create a team of personnel earthquake

to raise the public Internet mode originator and celebrity website Kickstarter, is nearly five years old birthday. Recently, Kickstarter announced a total funding of nearly $1 billion, but also a good news is that Kickstarter has also ushered in a high-rise There was no parallel in history. adjustment.

Kickstarter announced that so far, there are 5 million people, a large number of entrepreneurial projects to provide nearly $1 billion in financing support. Kickstarter success in the business model, making a large number of countries to imitate the Kickstarter site.

announced this historic achievement, while Kickstarter also announced the largest ever since the birth of executive adjustment. As CEO co-founder Perry (Perry-Chen) announced that from January 1st next year will no longer serve as CEO positions, transferred to the chairman.

data show that Kickstarter has three co founders, namely Chen Peili, (Yancey Strickler) and (Adler) (Charles).

Chen Perry said he quit the daily operations of Kickstarter, the future hope to pursue more of their own innovative projects.

Chen Perry is not the only one to exit the daily management of the co-founder. Another founder Adler also plans to return to Chicago and his family, he will resign from the daily management of Kickstarter, the future will serve as an advisory role.

Stehlik Le, the co-founder of

, will replace Mr Chen as CEO, and he will also be the second Kickstarter in the history of CEO, or. Prior to this, Stehlik Le in the company responsible for the community, external communication, customer service and other services.

media pointed out that in the past five years, Kickstarter’s management team remained basically unchanged, so the executives to adjust, within the Kickstarter belongs to an unprecedented scale. In general, the founder of the Internet Co team of major personnel adjustments, which is not good news for the company’s development. These adjustments will also lead to speculation and concern. However, Chen said in a blog post, his departure will not affect the Kickstarter’s business and the pursuit of vision.

according to Kickstarter public relations, during the CEO transition, Chen Perry will participate in the project. In addition, the chairman of the post, he will also consider a new perspective, planning the development blueprint for Kickstarter.

joint square limelight co-founder, Kickstarter early investor Fred-Wilson said the Kickstarter’s Management >

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