Traditional enterprises to enter the electricity supplier to develop their own B2C system more diffi


incident triggered crazy discuss industry from all walks of life, have revealed, for Ma values under the pain killer cheer, but also for the Wei Zhe responsibility of applause. In fact, this case eventually reveal a B2B this business model is flawed, after all, in all kinds of e-commerce mode, B2B mode is not high in technical content, on the acquisition of Alibaba when I once wrote "nets nets is the first few Alibaba straw" elaborated?. Of course, the Alibaba and this company is not unique, the most important thing is the B2B profit model, the Ma was originally hopes to make adjustments and innovation by Wei Zhelai, four years is not only no good explanation, make a fraud event in Ali group seems to the future, Ma had to open cut

Wei zhe!

can be said to come back, when I and friends in the business communication B2C, they actually think independently of B2C is also not what technical content, only feel like Taobao mall, cool days B2B2C mode only need better technology to support. Then discussed the traditional enterprises to enter the business to use what kind of B2C system? Is not to develop their own B2C system? Even the expert friend asserted: from his case, any own B2C system development, can not do it


I do not agree with this point of view, after all, the traditional enterprise development B2C system will encounter the following problems:

1, the lack of technical personnel: China traditional enterprises most of the information itself is not a high degree of technical personnel, many enterprises not more than 100, also is the most traditional processing system, including the ERPPOSVRMWMSCRM and some of the financial system. These people can not directly carry out the development of the WEB level, or two training, or re employment;

2, management and technical personnel and technical personnel is relatively difficult, introverted, especially in network communication increasingly frequent, face-to-face communication will be more weak, and most delicate heart, is clinging to your own thoughts and love are not institutional constraints, and the technical personnel of the precarious market environment, technical personnel will be worry about work. For those who are accustomed to the management of the business model of traditional enterprises, it is very difficult to want to manage the technical staff;

3, labor costs are too high now: WEB terminal development and technical personnel needs not only in the B2C, and the open platform in the mobile Internet, the portal has been pushing up, coupled with the China education system on the technical staff training is not perfect, serious precarious situation. As a result, the human cost of technical personnel in recent years, more and more high, for the B2C is still in the exploratory period of traditional enterprises, it is obviously unbearable weight;

4, the continuation of the work: due to the development of B2C in the early work is particularly large, in the latter part of the maintenance and operation period, so that the

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