Vertical industry B2B outlet strong capital blitz A listed company commander trillion market

introduction: background of the overall slowdown in economic development, vertical industry B2B has become the capital pursued "xiangbobo", this "contrarian growth momentum seems difficult to understand, actually has its deep internal – supply side reform to optimize the production end resource allocation conditions such as inventory, supply and demand information, docking big data, all pointing to the Internet vertical industry to develop in depth to meet the conditions, this is" the river becomes warm in spring ducks".

in nearly a year and a half, steel mesh, B2B plastic net, buy the vertical application business network, auto parts and other industries in the Chinese Amoy business turns staged show, and in October 2016, the electronic information industry finally have A shares of Listed Companies in the Internet industry vertical Ying Tangzhi controlled heavy attack, launched called "vertical Internet industry the application of optimal soft cloud". This will not only bring great changes to the electronic information industry, but also for China’s supply side reforms in the context of the new wave of B2B bring a wave of new climax".

supply side reforms will bring an important opportunity for the development of the electricity supplier B2B, B2B e-commerce has become one of the ways of traditional industrial enterprises in transition, "Internet plus the traditional industry is the rapid growth of electricity supplier in the field of B2B. Supply side reform is an important part of the supply and demand to promote economic development. In the traditional economic form, the producer cannot understand the reasonable demands of the market volume, and on the platform of B2B economy, B2B business can give full play to the role of big data, and Internet connection, efficient docking of supply and demand, help enterprises to resolve the overcapacity, high circulation cost, effective supply shortage.

is currently in the rising channel of the B2B market, the transaction size has been explosive growth. From the latest Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that the first half of 2016 Chinese B2B e-commerce market transactions amounted to 7 trillion and 900 billion yuan, an increase of 36.2%. In the first half of the main B2B service providers revenues have varying degrees of growth.


capital environment, iResearch report shows that in 2015 the total investment in the field of B2B e-commerce has more than 5 billion yuan, an increase of up to 699%. In the first half of 2016 a total of 82 B2B companies to get a total of more than $7 billion 600 million in financing, the number of investment grew by about 300%. Capital market continues to be optimistic about the B2B field for the development of SMEs B2B e-commerce to create a good external environment.

2016 B2B market verifies the "Internet plus" industry outbreak of logic. Whether entrepreneurs, or internet giants, have begun to look into the B2B market. Shanghai Steel Union from HC acquired a Zhongguancun online business to Foxconn investment raise a Babel of criticism of the B2B platform; plastic "buy plastic net"; steel net to find the steel industry was 1 billion 100 million yuan E round of financing, and announced a profit. In addition, for plastics, coal prospecting net, agricultural chain, Amoy auto parts and so on, are trying to cultivating a single field.

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