Science and technology entrepreneurs are looking at what opportunities in the automotive industry ch

driver assistant technology provider Mobileye financing $400 million news once again let people put their sights on the entrepreneurial opportunities in the automotive industry chain. No matter from the parking, car rental, and then a taxi, car, this industry entrepreneurial opportunities to be too numerous to enumerate.

is the following Tencent technology related inventory:

1 parking applications: Park Me, VoicePark, Can Park Here I?


heavy traffic streams of people busily coming and going on the street, parking is a big headache. An application can not only help you find a nearby parking spaces, parking prices can also be provided, whether it can be used, such as parking information. This application is ParkMe. Park Me database contains more than 500 city around the world parking lot, is a freeware application can run on the Android platform, iPhone intelligent mobile phone and network, can help drivers find real-time parking space and garage. Last month, ParkMe has just announced that its application has landed 100 thousand new Audi cars. ParkMe also said it joined more parking lot, car repair shop phone number, support for landscape orientation on the iPad.

San Francisco, a free iOS app called VoicePark, updates real-time information every eight seconds, bringing you to the nearest parking place via voice navigation. VoicePark can also support iOS and Android systems, the use of urban SFpark technology to find parking spaces in eight areas in San Francisco. The VoicePark website also recorded the city’s income. This application can only be used in San Francisco. And VoicePark is similar to Parker, but also free iOS applications, real-time notification of the most recent stop place.

will no longer ask strangers where there is no need for parking, parking fees of $600 million a year in New York "fresh blood", the $1.99 Can I Park Here? The application will tell you whether it is safe to stop position. Click on "stop", the application will set you an alarm clock 15 minutes ahead of time to remind you of time, you can have enough time to return to the parking position. The "stop" button will also be marked on the map so that it is easy to find a parking space.

addition, parking applications also include Park Mate, Mashable, ParkNow, iSpotSwap, PrimoSpot, Chicago Parking, etc.. This type of parking helps people save time, money and money, and make the city more convenient. Some of these are being developed in other cities, so even if the parking application you favored is not in your city, you don’t have to worry about it.

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