How to win solution All people belong to one family DC enterprise

digital engine is a professional provider of value-added telecommunications services, telecommunications value-added services, broadband information network development and construction, information engineering and related services in Fujian. Since two years ago, the introduction of electronic payment services fast money, enterprise information technology to a new level.

digital engine with the company in telecommunication service field technology and economic strength, the development strategy of high starting point, based on resources, network infrastructure, service quality and management of all aspects, reached the international level. After years of continuous efforts, has developed into the largest number of users in the region of Southern China server hosting and virtual hosting providers. Managed broadband to reach 10G level, to provide customers with adequate broadband and IP address resources.

talked about why electronic payment service enterprises into the fast money, the digital engine CEO Mr. Huang Ruowei explained that the IDC industry to accept a high degree of information technology and familiar, but the industry’s own customers scattered, uneven distribution of trading volume. The digital engine itself, the market is mainly distributed in Fujian and Taiwan and radiation throughout the country, with 2000 of two or three agents, before the payment, before digital engine management work has been completed by manpower, time-consuming, and error prone.

After the introduction of

fast money electronic payment service, from the terminal to the customer agent, whether digital engine customer directly or the next level agents, in the domain name, buy a host, through the digital information platform CDN engine IDC service, electronic payment service funds can be used to provide fast money, making the process more efficient. Relying on electronic payment services fast money, all kinds of products, funds can be settled in accordance with different amounts of settlement, billing and other needs of the free cycle. Digital engine for agents set "prepaid" business, after service of electronic payment by the fast money, but also greatly accelerated the efficiency of capital turnover, improve the financial and technical capacity, and improve customer loyalty.

especially remarkable is that the fast money has been completed on the IDC entire domestic industry’s top operators comprehensive coverage of electronic payment services, including network interconnection, interconnection, 35 times in the power network and the new IDC industry all upstream manufacturers have adopted the fast money, the full electronic IDC industry capital chain. Digital engine CEO Mr. Huang Ruowei said by money and electronic payment platform, digital engine not only can complete the transaction and financial transactions between top operators, can also be done for the costs of its customers, agents directly under the next level of charge, through the "solution" of the All people belong to one family. onto high-speed development road.

addition, IDC companies generally have to do with PPC market promotion, because have fast money to cooperate with Baidu, financial transactions between the digital engine and Baidu PPC can also be accomplished by money, not only cost savings, but also make the financial management more convenient. It is understood that, at present, the number of engine companies are now growing at an annual rate of 20%, the electronic payment

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