Wanda because ye Ning ban Huayi

is about to enter the summer file, a wonderful battle is quietly kicked off.



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July 2nd, the Tibetan mastiff rock early point mapping, however, unicorn entertainment noted that the inquiry in July 2nd and the 4 on the "rock" in Tibetan mastiff ticket APP points on the reflected field and part of the pre-sale field row piece, which does not have any number of Wanda cinema. The unicorn entertainment from multiple sources that Wanda had previously issued a document, clear Wanda cinema only to Huayi film in a non prime time schedule, suspected of Huayi "ban".

media information, issued by the Huayi Brothers, adapted from Zheng Jun’s comic book "rock dog" in July 8th will be released nationwide. The film has been invited as "Toy Story" writer director Ashe · Brannon joined characters designed by the "ice age" Chinese Hollywood production team, Guo Degang and his son, Zheng Jun in the dub, is Chinese film market the first cross-border global production, global market hit animated film.

entertainment Unicorn also got an entgroup statistical "rock dog" premiered on the pre row piece of data. From the table we can see that the 2015 box office share ranked first on "Wanda row piece rock star" appear upside down, only 7 pre show, share of 0.3%, ranked first. As the first gun Huayi summer, "rock dog" in strong Wanda cinema could not obtain a favorable row piece, actually represents the lost part of competitiveness.



and the industry speculation: there are rumors that Wanda agree without prior without previous consultation of suspected ban Huayi, before leaving and Wanda general manager Ye Ning, then joined the huayi.

Chuan Ning away from China was Wanda ban

after media reports get informed sources: in that day ye Ning turnover switch Huayi as CEO, Wanda company decided on the night meeting, ye Ning, Huayi and produced the film "ban".

it is understood that in Ye Ning Huayi to join Wanda home after the summer before, during this period the leading Huayi movie has two: one is a horror movie released in April 1st "spirit even contract", the other one is love drama film released in April 15th "New York New York".

on Friday the "New York New York" as an example, found the cat’s box office data query, the premiere of the film on the same day, Wanda cinema row piece gold field accounted for 1.6%, accounted for 2.8%, the issuance of land, Hengdian, Wuzhou member Jin Yi film row accounted for 7.6%, 8.1%, 10.1%, the Yu Huayi brothers were low Jiahe, Jiangsu bona, happy blue ocean, Lumiere and other row of film theaters. The first weekend of two days of "New York" New York Wanda cinema row piece maintain >

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