Wang Tong analysis of the river level decoration C2B model


will the river level is a grassroots entrepreneurs, do the background, familiar with the network promotion, he will be combined with the Internet and decoration industry, decoration industry created a C2B model. The first year of entrepreneurship, just two people to do the about 10000000, second years to get angel investment, and then began to expand the development of

his model may be able to inspire you

his question, maybe your chance

today to give you a brother through analysis of Xiajiang level decoration C2B mode:


contractors origin of the river to see the existence of decoration industry pain points, and then create a decoration field C2B model, we take advantage of the decoration industry pain points to analysis.

a, industry pain points

decoration in the field where the pain point?

1, customer pain points

a user to decorate, the whole process has three main problems:

problem: the decoration industry too tricky, each link easily fooled.

from looking for decoration company, to buy decoration materials, the final acceptance, and so on, every link, a little careless, they are to flicker, spend a lot of money. Why?

two: decoration workers too difficult to control, quality of service is not guaranteed.

if you go directly to the construction team decoration in accordance with their own ideas and construction of decoration, if not professional, quality is difficult to guarantee, may in accordance with the requirements you are ready, after a few months, many problems are exposed.

three: learning by doing toss, time-consuming trouble

many people are decorating the house, while learning, while frustrating, because too many links, the trouble will be many, many couples two people decorate the house was full of yearning for happiness, the completion of the renovation after divorced.

2, workers pain points

dry the most tired of living, with the least money, the head is still old arrears

in the renovation process, all the work workers do, but they took the money accounted for the entire renovation costs are minimal and the river level gave me a data, if looking for a decoration company to decorate the house, cost sharing each link as follows:

1, salesman: 3 ~ 5%

2, designer: 3 ~ 5%

3, project manager: 10~18%

4, company management: 20%

5, construction: 2%

two, solution

with these problems, the water level in thinking about how to solve, then there is the decoration of the C2B model, this model has the following three features:

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