Taobao electric in May all data exposure Haier potential planes into beauty


] June 18th news billion state power network, the state power grid according to the data cube, a summary of the May sales data members category the top ten brands in the Taobao and Tmall sales platform.

from the sales data, the United States and Haier become the power industry in the hutch. Ranked first in the United States in May sales of 185 million 500 thousand yuan. Ranked second Haier sales of about $185 million 400 thousand. Sales of the two brands are much higher than other brands. As can be seen in the field of high power brand concentration.

Hisense ranked third in May sales of about $75 million 370 thousand. TCL and music as TV ranked fourth, fifth, sales of $63 million 50 thousand and $58 million 930 thousand.

WONDERFLOWER, FOTILE, AUX, Kelon, GREE were ranked from sixth to tenth, May sales volume of all these brands in more than 40 million yuan. These brands have little difference in the level of sales scale.

In addition to

, in the field of electricity, is still the traditional brand advantage. Sales ranking of the top three brands did not appear in the Internet brand.

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