WAL MART online at Alibaba electricity supplier market will welcome the change

The pace of development of China’s

e-commerce to describe the slightest thought over a thousand li a day. According to Analysys International data show that the third quarter of 2010 China online retail market transactions reached 134 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 14.3%, an increase of 100.4%.

Infinite prospects

market with the vast hinterland attract capital coveted. It is reported that the day before WAL-MART Sam Shenzhen membership online store recently quietly on the line, WAL-MART in the global retail market in the next line are invincible, stronghold. Therefore, the world’s prestigious heavyweight players enter the domestic online, this undoubtedly has been like a raging fire Chinese e-commerce market add fuel to the flames.

According to WAL-MART

Chinese expectations, so in the field of electronic commerce rapid pace of development, in the next 5 years will exceed Japan and Britain, after the United States to become the world’s second largest e-commerce market, online sales are expected to reach $230 billion. Such a broad prospect naturally makes it exciting for China’s online sales".

e-commerce and online shopping market prosperity, but also led to the development of blowout IDC station field, strong demand for the B2C electronic commerce website based on the market, the domestic well-known IDC service provider Chinese Nobel network launched homeopathy’s servers in the United States series of preferential usaidc.nuo.cn for electronic commerce prosperity plays a certain role in boosting.

since the beginning of April this year, WAL-MART came into the news of e-commerce, WAL-MART is undoubtedly a nightmare of e-commerce in china. As the world’s largest retailer, WAL-MART has been regarded as the target of China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba group. For China’s largest Internet company and the world’s second largest Internet company Alibaba, will also usher in a positive confrontation between giants.

as a leader in China electronic commerce, Ma once said, we want to go beyond Microsoft and WAL-MART, not because the Alibaba has many strong, but because this is our mission, the mission of this generation of entrepreneurs. Today, WAL-MART strong into China, Ma Yun’s mission in the call.

Alibaba and WAL-MART war, inevitable. Since 2009, the Alibaba’s "Taobao" strategy will gradually expand. From the Taobao open platform, to launch an upgraded version of "Taobao Partner Program", to enter the B2C business, Taobao has driven all aspects of IT, channels, services, marketing, logistics and other e-commerce ecosystem prosperity.

and China’s e-commerce has its bottleneck. Online shopping has become a habit of life, but because the courier company leave, delivery is slow and other reasons, caused by the goods send delay, often become the obstacle for the further development of electronic commerce website. Therefore, the strategic stake in Alibaba, jibian stars and taobao.com Ali’s company has to expand the depth of cooperation. According to Taobao insiders said that within two years Taobao to build 52 cities in the domestic sub warehouse. In fact, Alibaba has already begun layout logistics industry >

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