How to put idle domain into a way of earning money

from March 2007 after the people began to have a strong interest in domain name, domain name flew into the " ordinary people name " domain name registration and domain name of the surge.

domain name too much, on the one hand to do their own station, on the one hand to do the domain name transaction. But there should always be idle idle domain name, domain name you do? How do you let him become a way of earning money?

no trading domain is not always can make it be idle, waiting for the next year to renew it, the best idea is to spare the domain into a way of earning money.

1, the flow of domain name, the domain name can flow into the source of money. For example, the domain name to want traffic sites, others get a flow, you get the money.

2, the flow is not significant in the domain name, domain names can be parked, now more famous domestic famous rich, renamed, and silver. Domain name income is quite objective, you put it, what content.

look at my domain name parking:


3, join the website alliance, such as thunder alliance, as long as you have the domain name on the line. The registration of a union account on the line, ", " content sharing; set up the domain name OK. Waiting for your promotion, to flow into the MONEY.

4, do a website, a real content plus SEO, website advertising revenue you should also be very objective, but also increase the weight of domain name and domain name is PR, you believe that the profit and increment of double harvest.

believe that through the above methods,

you idle domain should also be enough to return your domain name renewals. The weights of the domain name and PR increased (do not underestimate this, this is important). There is your domain name popularity also increased.

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