China’s online shopping popular city baked Hebei Xingtai growth rate of ninth

my original annual profit of only forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan, through online shopping last year, my sales volume is $about ten million." Qinghe County East Village cool beauty Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Mister Liu Yutian told reporters that online shopping is getting his business booming. The day before, taobao.com released "2009~2010 annual report" China popular online shopping city also shows that Hebei Xingtai has become one of the fastest growing online shopping consumption before the ten big city.

Midwest online shopping has great potential


report shows that Shanghai ranked Chinese online shopping consumption city list, while the eastern city won all the seats, are Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Tianjin, Wenzhou and Ningbo.

but the ten city online shopping consumption growth is the fastest in the Midwest City, was occupied by Macao, Guangdong, respectively Yunfu, Henan Luohe, Hubei Ezhou, Yunnan Simao, Heilongjiang Qigihar, Yunnan Wenchang, Hebei Xingtai, Hainan Honghe and Guangxi guigang. Hebei Xingtai ranked ninth.

Taobao said, according to statistics, the current capital of Shijiazhuang ranked in the fastest growing city in only the top 20, Xingtai has strong development potential in the online shopping, in addition to a good logistics system, and vigorously support the local government "shop village".

Qinghe County government said that the East Village has been successful in promoting the county more cashmere operators to join the network sales. At present, Qinghe County has become the Yangtze River to the north of the largest e-commerce business sweater trading area, north of the Yangtze River accounts for knitwear e-commerce flows 20%, net sales of over one hundred million yuan, also successfully led the entire online shopping sales in Xingtai area.

male white-collar workers into the main force of online shopping

shopping is a woman’s nature, but Taobao’s report shows that China’s online shopping spending power of the ten cities in the proportion of the amount of consumption of male sex sources have more than women, up by 7 percentage points.

report shows that online shopping behavior also showed a significant gender bias. The report shows, clothing and 3C digital has become the most hot two categories. Among them, women become the best-selling products, accounting for 12.17%. The equivalent of 10 thousand yuan online shopping turnover, 1217 yuan spent on women. Among them, the cashmere sweater, sweaters and sweater / suit dress hot top three ranked class.

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