Another city channel upgraded to help companies started 618 full Channel Battle

from the "double eleven" to "shuangshier" to "618", the rise of electricity supplier Festival stimulating the development of the domestic e-commerce, but also stimulate domestic consumption and stimulate economic development. Soon, this year’s 618 war will start, in addition to Jingdong, Ali Su Ning, etc. are joined. For the electricity supplier companies, the surge of user traffic to bring a wealth of revenue, and complex data interaction also led to the emergence of a lot of store management system collapse accident, becoming a business plagued. In the whole channel is popular now, online war like a raging fire started at the same time, the line retail also spared no effort ready. As a leading full channel retail terminal service providers, and put forward the city last year after the Jingdong 618 big promotion businesses plan after the new upgrade for the 618 businesses full channel protection plan this year, to help businesses sprint performance at the same time, the stability of the system.

first, the protection system of business protection plan

According to

, another city vice president Huang Jiewen introduced, every big promotion occasion, store traffic inevitable surge phenomenon, the number of orders will be increased to a great extent, this to the server and management system for businesses caused great pressure, stable demand to become the largest merchant during the big promotion, and put forward the following a security service:

First of all,

provides flexibility to support server expansion to a more abundant server space, more stable server system to get through the big promotion.

second, in the big promotion before coming to help businesses make clear the system software and pressure testing, timely and relevant software upgrade, interface optimization.

is particularly worth mentioning is that for many years to promote security based on experience, full channel expansion and compatibility has been further strengthened; the full realization of the single joint electronic surface, greatly improve the internal circulation speed and printing efficiency; delivery speed is greatly improved; financial reconciliation more accurate and real-time, let you master the sales data at any time in addition, in order to solve the problem; customer service consulting soared to promote full channel, but also optimize the related sectors, thoroughly improve customer service service efficiency.

two, the business support program after sales support

A review of the

618 in previous years, the double eleven, before the big promotion, business enterprise, how a word. In order to help retail enterprises stable through the 618, in addition to prepare in the early stage and upgrade, during the big promotion and the city will arrange professional and technical personnel on duty, to provide 7*24 hours online and hotline service for businesses, and provide technical services business stagnation, investigation of the operation status and problems always pay attention to the system, to ensure the safety of businesses. The first time to solve the problem of leakage, the wrong one, single and double shipments oversold, bid farewell to the single peak, reject warehouse explosion system paralysis, buyers do not pay and no reconciliation and other big promotion problems.

in addition, another city developed a rescue plan (recommended server in the server, a detailed understanding of the business) fault first time request technical support, can minimize the loss.

three, merchant Protection >

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