Tencent strategic stake in the Jingdong aftermath electricity suppliers to enter the era of big merg

Tencent holdings and Jingdong jointly announced yesterday that the two sides open strategic cooperation.

IPO of Alibaba and Jingdong in the race juncture, this transaction can reduce the burden of Tencent in the field of electricity providers, make the concept of Tencent for the Jingdong endorsement, raised to enhance the valuation of Jingdong, also hit from the side, the valuation of the Alibaba, the Tencent a stone carving.

this is the electricity supplier industry this year, another consolidation. Vip.com has just acquired Le bee 75% shares, and the strategic stake in the Oriental popular shares of 23%, Mcglaughlin has announced the sale of shell, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing does not deny the company may introduce strategic investment.

over the last few years wilderness stage of development, the electricity supplier industry is entering a period of consolidation. The school on behalf of the network CEO of Tencent Kongyu Xing Technology said that the current electricity supplier industry faces enormous challenges, on the one hand, PC flow stagnation, facing the rapid rise of the mobile Internet and on the other hand, resulting in the presence of an electricity supplier industry pessimism, many enterprises are looking to sell or to expand the integration.

IPO program step by step without layoffs

Tencent and Jingdong strategic cooperation involves a large number of personnel placement and business adjustment issues. According to Jingdong official said, Jingdong will retain pat Network, explore the potential development opportunities in the C2C field, but also consider the QQ online shopping into Jingdong platform business and make appropriate adjustments.

Jingdong and Tencent will be based on the existing resources of both sides (including the leasing of both self and logistics facilities, logistics and the strategic partnership) to sort out, easy fast logistics staff and some non logistics Yi Xun employees will join Jingdong.

due to the existence of a certain overlap between Tencent electricity supplier business and the presence of Jingdong business, some employees, especially the fast and easy employees worried about Jingdong easy fast layoffs. In this regard, Tencent science and technology was informed that Jingdong will actively integrate Tencent electricity supplier and part of the fast and easy business and employees, no layoffs.

Jingdong official said, Jingdong and Tencent of electricity, some easy fast business integration, self-service covering B2C, B2C platform and C2C service, the Jingdong needs a lot of talent in technology, O2O, finance, channel sink, the internationalization of the five aspects.

Jingdong is currently actively expanding in the three or four line of the city, including the logistics system will cover a wider area and more in the city to improve delivery speed, in the East, Southern China and other regions will need a lot of relevant personnel, and this is the Tencent electricity supplier, Yi Xun employee.

Jingdong also made a commitment to Tencent electricity supplier employees: all will join Jingdong Tencent electricity supplier, Yi Xun employees to ensure employment, to ensure a position, to ensure that wages are not reduced. In the communication mechanism, Tencent electricity supplier, fast and easy colleagues through the website, hotline, mail and other means of communication, consulting, Jingdong human resources department in 1 working days for feedback.

Tencent President Wu Xiaoguang electricity supplier in "stabilizing", it pointed out that in the internal mail, the principle is the Tencent and >

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