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the elephant from Taobao play to the network group purchase of ants, bearish outlook, the recent online shopping seems to have what good news. Can not help but ask, online shopping in the end is how to go downhill or in preparation for the next wave?

Our first trip to see the

online shopping development of history: whether Eastern or western, whether it is subjective or objective reasons, no one can turn back the wheel of history, the process may be repeated, but the technology is still in development, the world is still in progress.

our online shopping world is the same, it can not escape the law of its development. There are people in the event of Taobao small sellers speaks innocence, there is also the Taobao banner. In fact, no matter what, it can not be separated from its development. If Taobao wins that small sellers and bear the ability for Taobao’s terms, which also indirectly proved that small sellers still profitable, increase the margin and the technical service fee way can achieve the purpose of improve the integrity of the seller. The only difference is that small and medium-sized sellers have to use part of the funds from the original part of the money to be put on Taobao, which affects the opportunity to profit. If the seller prevailed, that Taobao’s decision is obviously out of the rules of his development, either Taobao or surrender, small sellers abandon Taobao, making it unable to get up after a fall.

we look at the world’s current chaotic group purchase. Buy group of senior Groupon in November 2008, we can see in the time, in 2008 the creation of the buy site will become today’s predecessors, we can see what is a new thing to buy. This shows that the group is still in a stage of development, and it can be said that the group is still in a primary stage of development. Its organization form, operation mode, management mode, service content is still in a stage of exploration and discussion, in which there are many areas can be improved. Any thing not born it is perfect in every respect, the perfect experience in practice, and in time to continue to accept inspection and modification.

don’t think that it is in the interests of consumers because of a fight between Taobao and its sellers. Because if Taobao’s decision is a serious departure from the law of development of online shopping, it is possible to squeeze out quite a small part of the seller. But we should clearly recognize that Taobao is relying on small sellers up. Similarly, these are small sellers are likely to flow into another platform similar to Taobao to operate, then, these small sellers are likely to start another platform similar to Taobao. In order to break Taobao a dominant situation, the two sides compete, when two competitors began to fight well-matched in strength, to attract consumers in addition to price, is to see who can provide better quality of service. This result is favorable for buyers.

Although the

group website received some negative news, but we should see that these sites are still in operation. One or several cannot be >

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