Xingchang XinDa Liu Lei electricity supplier outsourcing market reached 100 billion

has always been low-key Xingchang XinDa no longer silent. The 8848, Alibaba, excellence, Dangdang and a number of "old e-commerce company Explorer" at the same time, is now in 10 years "every year will gain" outstanding performance to proclaim: e-commerce is not just a money losing industry, there is a big money market. The market that e-commerce outsourcing. Popular terms, is to create and operate the traditional online store official business, thereby charging sales commissions and service fees.

invisible dark horse

when the company was founded in September 2000, our business is linked to the sale of mobile phones in the portal website. Later, we see a lot of traditional enterprises have to do the needs of e-commerce, and we just have this experience, there is the idea of doing e-commerce outsourcing." In the view of Xingchang XinDa chairman Liu Lei, it is because of a turn to do e-commerce outsourcing, Xingchang XinDa spent one winter, annual sales reached 100 million yuan, has become the field of electronic commerce "invisible horse".

with the development of e-commerce on popular, all kinds of B2C, C2C was involved in the fierce competition, the XinDa has Xingchang almost never felt pressure from peers. "As far as I know, there are fewer and fewer e-commerce companies in our country. It is not easy to have enough experience and technology accumulation in this line. More importantly, the market is too big." Liu Lei believes that in the field of e-commerce outsourcing, there are hundreds of billions of dollars a year on the scale is normal".

e-commerce business covers XinDa Xingchang channel planning, design and construction of B2C e-commerce platform, personalized custom services, marketing planning, data analysis, customer relationship management, merchandise management, warehousing, logistics, customer service and a full set of integrated generation service. "We have 30% development and maintenance of the staff responsible for the PEC business platform, seamless integration of B2C, WMS, CRM, web ERP system, through the electronic commerce of the whole supply chain, R & D funding each year thousands of yuan, but the software is not sold separately. We only do the overall outsourcing."

In addition to

e-commerce outsourcing business accounted for about 80% of the profits of the company, Xingchang XinDa and 18900 mobile phone network, mobile phone home and professional brand bags online shopping mall Shaobao nets, the 3 independent website for the XinDa to win more customers trust xingchang.

spring is not far

since March 2002 to become "Motorola (Chinese) the only official online store" designated operators so far, more than a dozen international giant enterprise customers Xingchang had Motorola, NOKIA, XinDa, Sony Ericsson, Paci Doug and other 2% mobile phone, clothing, shoes and hats and bags in the field. For the customer to create the Xingchang XinDa official Independence mall product sales steady growth every year. In 14 NOKIA’s official online store, outsourced to XinDa’s official website China Xingchang store’s performance in the first row.

, however, with the exception of a few

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