Tencent pat Network preparations 3C mall cut e commerce segments

19, the reporter learned from the Tencent pat Network, the recent pat Network is closely preparing a 3C digital mall, and will be formally launched on March. It is understood that the "digital mall" sales pat Network of goods including mobile phone, MP3, digital camera, computer these categories, the future will also cover all kinds of 3C digital goods more abundant, to meet the different users diversified consumer demand. Moreover, pat Network, digital mall, all the goods will be the official website after the auction of authentic products, these high-quality goods will be given priority to consumers.

insiders said, this will mean that the pat Network formally extended their business to electronic business segments, took the lead on the pat Network Platform 3C digital such as mature product category optimization operation, and strive to build the integrity and safe online shopping environment and the difference of the platform experience.

pat Network Assistant General Manager Mao Tao said that in the presence of digital mall business, pat Network to enhance the access threshold, and in particular the development of strict access standards and screening mechanisms. For example, the digital mall requires all businesses settled in the main 3C class goods must account for more than 80% of the number of store goods, and commodity prices must be true and reliable, to ensure the provision of complete packaging accessories, etc.. The seller must all settled through the pat Network strict official word certification, in addition to pay the margin required by Pat network integrity program, but also to pay an extra 10 thousand yuan credit deposit, mainly used for transaction disputes to ensure timely payment to the buyer.

according to iResearch statistics show that in 2009 the market size of online shopping online shopping transaction size is close to 250 billion, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods is expected to climb to 1.98%; at the same time, the scale of online shopping users is expected to exceed 100 million. Mao Tao said that in the face of such a huge market demand, can be competitive prices to provide consumers with quality products and after-sales service, which is the main reason for the introduction of pat Network 3C digital mall.

pat Network "digital mall" in addition to the requirements of all businesses by the sale of goods must be genuine new, but the mall all goods must support pat "integrity assurance program", which promises to fake a lose three, seven days no reason to return, 14 days, Cheng Xianhengpeifu insurance service. Mao Tao told reporters that the practice is to maximize the protection of consumer safety and interests of shopping.

it is understood that, as early as last December pat Network joint Chinese Electronic Commerce Association policy and Law Committee and other authorities as well as Jingdong mall and other well-known domestic electronic commerce website, jointly issued the integrity of online shopping model clauses, let consumers shopping online really have to be in.

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