Website advertising experience

did a few years to do a small webmaster, feel really difficult, I started on the website advertising is Valley brother, I believe we all know, valley brother click advertising income relative to other advertisers must be high, but want to receive his money is difficult, I did two years received a cheque and, around a lot of webmaster even PIN codes have not received. So his heart is not the end of advertising, Baidu ads high threshold, the general small Adsense station is more difficult to comply with his request was rejected, the domestic advertising now more popular is the Ali Mama, although a single click income is relatively low, but the monthly income account, so soon. I choose now is the mother of advertising based on visual advertising group, and spreading the word, click on the 0. 1 yuan / each, plus a variety of integral incentives, income is still very impressive, we recommend running, interested owners can register for advertising, we are all small feel good, believe that climate is not the webmaster do it, this is only my personal views on Wangzhuan a little, I hope you the good experience of their own way for your reference and learning. The station consists of (http://s.why66.cn)


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