Chinese domain name Google CN synchronized accessibility support

recently, a group called the "history of the cattle tricycle" pictures of fame in various forums, photos of the protagonist is a two wheeled bicycle, car tail with iCooperClubman car. This tricycle is indeed produced by BMW, the world’s only one. At the same time soon, the emergence of the "BMW.CN" three three "; luxury. Chinese" domain name, these domain names has attracted attention, also appeared similar domain name was registered by the phenomenon.

Chinese domain name reputation in the network is rising, industry experts predict that this phenomenon will continue. The latest news shows that Google launched yesterday for more than and 100 countries around the world, Google Chrome browser, not only the first time to provide the Chinese version, and accessibility support.Cn Chinese domain name. The era of network responsible person told us: "this phenomenon reflects the native Internet frenzy has been around the world. For the huge temptation of the Chinese market, promote the use of ‘China’ Internet has become one of the important factors affecting the development of the world’s Internet giant courses."

experts pointed out: "there are China first in the world of netizens, but the Internet penetration rate of only 19.1%, lower than the global average of 21.1%, 1 billion did not need to clear the Internet crowd because of language caused by Internet access barriers. This is also the reason that accounts for more than 99% of the browser market, Microsoft, OPERA, Firefox, SAFARI and other browsers all support Chinese CN domain."

therefore, the domain registrar who have Chinese for domain name domain name Chinese moves, launched this "hot buns" will grab the mobile phone. The Registrar in the network era we see in the gold medal in the domain name, the domain name Chinese varieties Ling Lang everywhere, and registered a Chinese.CN, can simply send note fan, plus free 100M space. Let more people understand the Chinese domain name, such promotion is imperative." Stakeholders say.

is widely used in Chinese domain, the state has promulgated the "measures" and improve the management of Internet domain name Chinese standard domain name registration regulations, government organization name, geographical names and other words is subject to special protection, for the commercial brand, China Internet Network Information Center will also do some protection to some well-known the enterprises and units.

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