Taobao creation Festival Carnival niche era

in late July, Ali held three days of "Taobao creation Festival" in Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall, compared to Ali made sections in the past, the festival is very special, it should not sell products, goods only show all site and do the sale. And only invited to 72 sellers of the products on display are very characteristic, not only tall on the Samsung, HTC, Nobel Teng also VR manufacturers, as well as the "the Imperial Palace" Taobao "emperor million sleep" "summer insects and the ice" from the name did not know what to sell the brand personality. And for the first time open to Ali VR laboratory GM Lab (Gnome Magic Lab) research and development of virtual reality shopping experience VR shopping buy+".


it is reported that the original Taobao creation Festival is the flagship of the young people, and therefore will be held at the time at the young people are the most active in the summer, the scene also appeared in the three dimension of Hua Chenyu, the two dimension of Miku and 90 Su Yunying and other guests, playing young elements, a whole holiday into young people the big lie.

The young

in the body of Ali always make people feel that some molimen, "Taobao creation Festival" really bought what medicine is


Taobao creation Festival "small and beautiful" content, community, local life

early in 2012 the ninth session of the "global network conference, Ma proposed Taobao’s" small and beautiful ", and that" small is beautiful "is the future direction of electronic commerce. Summary of the concept was put forward Ma, the effect is concerned about the price, size, body mass shift to focus on individual needs of consumers, product quality and diversity.

to March 2016, Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong also foreign sound, said the community, content and local life will be the future direction of the three Taobao. Some of the features from the Taobao Festival section revealed, we can find that this festival and Ma proposed a small and beautiful. In the creation of the festival is divided into three main themes T (Technology Technology), A (Art Art), O (Originality original force), the content is also displayed in science and technology, music, fashion trends, live variety, sub culture, etc..

compared to Taobao ten categories, nearly 1000 fine classification, Taobao creation section around the main line force young push content can be described as small as beauty, but from the show It differs from man to man., are carefully selected, at least in the audience a party called the beautiful praise. The direction of the transition from five years ago, Ma said Taobao this year, Ali CEO Zhang Yong’s voice, Taobao is undergoing a metamorphosis, in addition to small and beautiful, content, community, local life will also be the future direction of the main it.

we know that "small is beautiful" is hard to live, but if it can be fragmented into small Many a little make a mickle., commercial matrix will have a great imagination. Today, Taobao has more than 400 million active users, the formation of numerous, large and small

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