On the development trend of nternet marketing from the view of college students returning home

With the shift of China’s industrial center of gravity from the coast to the inland, the two or three tier cities in the living standard, price index, business environment and other aspects of the rapid and coastal areas of. In the face of fierce competition in the city, the lack of sense of belonging, high cost of living, the current situation of life pressure, many college students have returned home after graduation as the first option". In the direction of significant changes in the flow of high-quality population today, network marketing is also facing a historic change in direction.

college students return home to promote inland consumption upgrade

after entering the new century, because of the unreasonable industrial structure and the expansion of college enrollment too rapidly, the difficult employment of college students since 2003 became a prominent problem for teachers, parents, students and the public, the economically developed coastal areas is no exception. As a result, the relatively low price of living in inland areas, familiar with the human environment and the opportunity to wait for the development of the market has become an important factor to attract them to return home.

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SEO communication network, along with the development degree of China city tends to be saturated, and the modernization of information tools greatly reduces the communication cost, shortens the distance between people, the big city attraction to college students will continue to weaken in the future for a long period of time. Thus, accompanied by a large number of young students to return home, it is brought back from the big city advanced ideas and spending habits. These advanced concepts and consumer habits will soon become the backbone of the local industry to promote transformation and upgrading of consumption.

in this field is driven by the foreign concept of consumption upgrade, clothing, accessories, footwear and other personal consumer durables will advance in the former, and catering, transport and other special conditions and bulk goods and services while spending will be temporarily "frozen", but as soon as the conditions are ripe, the inland areas of the explosive market the same can not be underestimated.

is worth mentioning is that the information superhighway paved, actually drive the core area of fashion to create very favorable conditions to maintain synchronization even inland areas in turn from a guest into a host of consumption and the core area in the next ten years, the network quickly will the earth "nevirapine" the key historical period, new business change will lead to more and more the economic miracle.

transformation of industrial structure to promote the upgrading of network marketing

in the distance between people narrowed sharply today, network as a low cost and high efficiency of communication is playing an increasingly important role, the traditional business model in the traditional code of conduct and "exorbitant tax levies" unnecessary and overelaborate formalities, has a string of simple data flow is replaced in the network world.

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SEO communication network shows that since 2009, online shopping consumption, the number of enterprises network and network entrepreneurial activities are showing considerable growth, the online shopping consumption amounted to 267 billion yuan, representing an increase of 90.7%; while the scale (registered capital of over 5 million yuan) above the total e-commerce sites more than 12282 homes; in addition, the "network business", "shop", "online shopping" and other key words in Googl>

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