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"Congratulation" creative team left: Chen Xiao, Qiu Ling, Zhou Jintang, Zheng Zhifang, Yin Beichen, Li Tie

newspaper news (reporter Zhong Qingru) following the "believeitornot", 2015 new year comedy comedy hit again. By the Wuhan theatre, iron man team culture and the Wuhan evening news media together to create the "Han Broadway" to the satisfaction of all series of two "Congratulation" will premiere at the Wuhan theatre on December 12th. Yesterday, the drama director Li Tie held a press conference, carrying all the creative full debut.

"Congratulation", Li Tie again served as director and actor, Zhou Jintang, Zheng Zhifang, Yin Beichen and other comedians also all return. In addition, the "world’s first musical" Mamma Mia! "Chinese version of the second quarter and the three quarter of the" Rosie "played by Qiu Ling and comedian Chen presided over the portrait also joined the drama smile. "Congratulation" really tells the story of how? Yesterday, director Li Tie also slightly "spoilers": the boss "gong xi" because of a careless move into another one, and at the same time one long but distinct personality as like as two peas, "rich" appeared, staged a out with their own "with" funny comedy. A figure full debut, triggered a string of funny stories.


play jokes from daily life to Wuhan implantation. In order to make the "burden" of the essence of life regression Wuhan, let the audience see the play will have a kind of "Empathy", the Wuhan theater in micro-blog for a lot of jokes from the real audience in daily life, the greatest degree of implantation of the drama, let the play down to earth.

After the end of last year,

introduced the concept of "Han school Broadway", with "believe it or not", the brand has achieved a good reputation. Wang Bin, general manager of Wuhan performance company, said yesterday that the city’s nearly 50 thousand people saw the Han school Broadway, the city at least more than 3 million people know that the Han Dynasty broadway". This year, the new year drama "Congratulation" still support for each "Han culture" of the audience has a surprise and surprise, "Han Broadway" also launched a "new life style composite theater".

"what is the difference between American Broadway and Chinese Broadway?"." Wang Bin said, first of all, the United States on Broadway to bring only a night of pleasure, while the Chinese Broadway will bring the audience a day of happiness. "When the audience into the theater in Wuhan, see the bridges, the smell is heard is Han birds sing and flowers give forth fragrance, Broadway bring song and laughter. When looking at the "good fortune", drinking Daohuaxiang, eating weeks black duck, the audience laugh a stomach ache, when the clouds and mist, there is "I do not know the heavens would go" feeling. Wuhan Wuhan Broadway, is to make

happy every day! "

director Li Tie:

our comedy delivers positive energy

yesterday, director Li Tie said with a smile, the drama is "hilarious comedy", but in the end.

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