Net love a band being sought behind

21, a day the news sparked the Internet and e-commerce industry to ponder, net love a band in COO Ma Haiping previously disclosed, the company’s third quarter earnings have been. Love is so far the first net profit is named O2O model of the company, why is it called for the first contact. It seems love to help network from the establishment to the now appears in the image of O2O in many electronic business people, but this is a fact? No from Mr. Ma internal letter to see, profit is behind the independent group purchase so that the O2O mode is the spring, the argument is one-sided.

said the earnings information of net love a band is coo, this is a very strange place for the author, because in Chinese enterprises especially in such a large event, is the enterprise leader issued may imply that this is not a deep thinking of the author.


A review of the

COO Ma Haiping, he was in March of this year to join the net love a band he joined, from the beginning to set off the net love a band "destruction", the company’s downsizing, layoffs half; cut group purchase business, these practices within the company that is "self defeating" burn the bridge after crossing it, a large part of the cash flow love is a piece of network group purchase, the income of such a large cut, for in the loss of net love a band, but after a short period is one disaster after another, half a year’s time, love to help network first quarter five years of profit, also from this data that Mr. Ma strategy announced by Mr. Ma to correct. And more is to show his strategic, and given the value of the enterprise, let all the doubts burst.

horse love is a butcher, "ignorance" doing the right thing, but also love to help network Jerry attractions, is behind the high-profile companies in need of absolute control, the implementation of the strategy, but also to show people a compliment, his soldiers, one can’t make bricks without straw, believe in love to help network go under the leadership of Ma Haiping scenery more attention.

I love

, I always do not understand, also just put it as a tool for local search, because in this way, the tools or websites in the history of the Internet Chinese there until the news to know beyond count, hard to make homework. A service life of the type of search site, not a pure O2O mode site, O2O is defined as a group purchase because of love to help the business, not simply because love is not the main profit from the group purchase, now in the group purchase sites disappear disappear, layoffs, remained quite still strong, but for love, love is to flow through the liquidation group purchase group purchase, no, still have other means of cash flow. From the Ma Haiping internal letter to see, now love income from three aspects. The alliance income, using the existing cash flow through cooperation; search advertising Keywords: sorting, display ads, merchants and love Pu; PPC advertising revenue: according to effect >

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