British police shop selling fake cosmetics or rat feces containing human urine

London police remind, fake cosmetics, perfume, hair straightener and sunscreen may contain mouse excrement and urine or cyanide composition. Thus, online shopping needs vigilance.


British "Daily Telegraph" reported on 18, London police said, due to the rapid development of the shop, fake beauty products are increasingly rampant, many auction sites, online forums and social media abound.

reports that consumers buy at least 90 million pounds a year (about $140 million).

over the past 18 months, the police should shut down the sale of counterfeit luxury brands of goods on the site of the, worth no more than 3 million 500 thousand pounds ($5 million 480 thousand) of fakes.

2014, police cracked a suspected counterfeit beauty products import and sale of similar large criminal groups, they received more than 4 thousand and 700 pieces of counterfeit goods from a freight container area, including the foundation cream, bronzer and lip balm.

according to the police said, because the online shopping consumers can not personally inspect the goods before the purchase, whether the product is difficult to judge genuine. And many lawbreakers use universal pictures to deceive consumers, make the latter believe they are browsing goods are genuine.

police officer Maria ·, said: "criminals use every opportunity to deceive consumers to buy fake goods," said…… Our basic rule is that if it looks too good to be true, it may be false."

[hidden danger]

police warned that the purchase of counterfeit beauty products, a lot of harm.

investigators said laboratory tests showed that some of the fake perfumes usually contain toxic chemicals, including cyanide and even human urine. Cosmetics such as eyeliner, mascara, lip balm and foundation cream are also found to contain toxic chemicals and hazardous substances, including arsenic, mercury and lead.

of these ingredients will lead consumers to swelling, rash symptoms, even the most severe cases can cause fatal poisoning.

at the same time, the authorities singled out counterfeit electrical products as "particularly dangerous". For example, fake hair curler, hair dryer and hair straightener is not up to the real product and strict safety standards, some parts easy to overheat and fire hazards exist.

In addition, the police said that consumers can use the site to buy counterfeit goods may also disclose identity information

. Officer Maria · Woodell said: "many people do not know that fake beauty products pose a real threat to their health…… These products will not only seriously damage their health and well-being, but also to buy things on such sites may make personal and financial information at risk."

, he said: "we’ve seen a number of victims who bought fake online, and then found that criminals hiding behind the website use their payment information to buy more"

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