The final battle the Jingdong executives all arrive ahead of a season opener

Liu Qiangdong held a media communication this morning will respond to price war


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"we knew three years ago that we were going to war with Suning sooner or later." Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong held a media communication conference on the price war in Beijing today, we originally planned to play in the fourth quarter by the festival, but accidentally ahead of time."

According to Liu Qiangdong

, yesterday he sent the "Jingdong all electric three years zero margin" and "the recruitment of Soviet intelligence officer than the price of micro-blog, triggered a strong reaction of Suning Gome and other competitors, when the smell of gunpowder and more concentrated," then start! "" /p>

but this "accidentally" point in time, some people are given an analysis on the possibility of micro-blog Jingdong through a price war to suppress the malicious Suning Suning stock: as long as the price is less than $4, will again trigger added collateral requirements, such as can not meet, the trust company may sell a large number of leading shares plummeted, behind the scenes people to achieve low hostile takeover purpose.

is expected to send the company’s debt and price war news, Suning yesterday after the opening price began diving, eventually fell more than 7%. In early trading today, the stock price decline was more than 5%, the lowest price to $5.57.

Liu Qiangdong did not make a positive response to the matter, but do not deny the importance of this price war: yesterday morning, the incoming mail, asking the director level above the staff to suspend their holidays, and 100% to kong. Even COO Shen Haoyu, who was on holiday in the United States, came back to Beijing at 2 this morning.

"this is the last battle of the Jingdong." Liu Qiangdong said. Of course, with "low" as a gimmick Jingdong could not abandon the price war, just after leaving, "would be a rational competition".

"at any cost" is Liu Qiangdong position on the war in the war, before he also to do a "war mobilization", to mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees, the way to determine the price war, such as recycling price is a step in the final? Or circular price, "I have to start from 10 percent off reduced to a certain, when fallingdown."

In order to prepare for the

, Liu Qiangdong also asked the warehousing and distribution system ready to call, "we should treat the 618 anniversary". At the same time, Liu Qiangdong also began to have 18 of our electricity warehouse goods, even if the goods are finished today, will not stop the price."

why is playing the line under the


Liu Qiangdong "offline" remarks, immediately met with old rival dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing teases, "hype, online and offline prices than others, what kind of price war. Gome Suning online parity. Dangdang publications and department stores are cheaper than the line under the 10–35% it!

Li Guoqing

"blind call, they are shoeshine." Liu.

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