Listed companies involved in cross border electricity supplier who can break through the red sea

domestic cross-border electricity supplier development in full swing. China Electronic Commerce Research Center released the 2014 annual China e-commerce market data monitoring report shows that in 2014, China’s cross-border electricity supplier transaction size of 4 trillion and 200 billion, an increase of 33.3%.

in the strong market appeal, traditional enterprises have reached them. According to the "First Financial Daily" reporter to statistics, at present, including the hundred round pants industry (002640.SZ), Semir (002563.SZ), Chongqing department store (600729.SH), Haining city (002344.SZ), a number of clothing, Department of listed companies announced the layout of cross-border electricity supplier.

but this blue ocean may soon become a red sea. On the one hand, the electricity supplier giant Alibaba, Jingdong, Amazon, already high-profile admission, on the other hand, a large number of emerging cross-border electricity providers such as ocean terminal, honey Amoy global purchase etc. the influx of homeopathy. After the attack, "hundred round pants industry who" can break through


running admission

May 6th, hundred round pants industry said renamed cross-border reign, also decided to increase the company’s business scope of online trading, electronic products technology development and sales, import and export business and Internet information services business on the basis of the original.

If the

name, "cross-border Tong Bao" will be the first to focus on cross-border electricity supplier A shares of listed companies. In July last year, one hundred round pants industry for the first time to enter the cross-border electricity supplier. At that time, a hundred round pants industry invested 1 billion yuan to acquire 100% stake in Tesco global; then, in February of this year and in May, it invested 12 million 240 thousand yuan and 90 million yuan Shenzhen, Qianhai Xun extension 7.5% equity and 9% equity through the extension technology. One hundred round pants industry stakeholders told reporters that the company’s investment in these three companies are foreign trade type cross-border electricity supplier, the company changed its name after the clothing business and cross-border business development simultaneously.

it is understood that the global Tesco owns clothing platform and 3C platform electronic products and many other self vertical B2C business platform; and through the extension technology is the product sales to overseas through eBay, Amazon and other channels, products include game accessories, computer accessories, auto parts, photography, Home Furnishing equipment etc..

prior to April, Semir clothing to 115 million yuan to subscribe for the South Korean electricity supplier enterprise ISE17.67% shares, becoming its largest shareholder of the company in second. In this regard, Semir clothing said it would cooperate with ISE to build a mobile Internet platform in China, focusing on cross-border cross-border electricity supplier fashion business.

in addition to the apparel industry listed companies, the traditional department store industry has also released a positive signal to enter the cross-border electricity supplier.

April 27th, three new board company mopark (430689) announced a strategic cooperation with the Guangzhou City, the first batch of pilot enterprises cross-border electricity supplier logistics Takashi, opened wide > in mopark Gangding

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