Buy network listed stumbling block low profit high turnover

Groupon has been regarded as the industry’s first successful listing of the group buying. More people in the industry said, Groupon frequently modify financial reports, evaluation indicators for the SEC (American Stock Exchange) to provide a more beautiful data practices, will affect the Chinese buy companies.

at present, China group purchase industry in experiencing rapid growth phase after gradually into the benign stage of shuffling, but now it seems, although the company turnover continued to rise, but the group purchase website is still in a loss situation, this has become a stumbling block to their future listing "".

analysts believe that, from the view of Groupon, group purchase site turnover and will not be the capital market value, group purchase website without considering the gross profit, blindly pursue money turnover caused substantial losses, will cause the situation, and now venture to the investment group purchase very cautious, this time the group purchase website must go out of its predicament, consider the profitability rather than rely on business to keep up appearances".

Groupon has become one of the emerging technology areas of rapid growth with its unique pattern, but the long road to market for the industry to feel anxiety, but also the formation of invisible pressure on China group purchase enterprises.

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