Five ways to cultivate the popularity of B2C mall

some time ago and a few friends to do a chat about B2C, found that the mall’s jump rate is relatively high, generally more than 80%. This may need to be found through statistical methods, mall characteristics and the site itself.

first of all we are using statistical tools are GA, GA statistical method is based on cookie technology. By tracking the cookie to track user behavior, if the user deleted the cookie, then when the same user to visit the mall again GA was identified as a new site visitors. So the real data should be a little bit more optimistic than the statistics.

addition to the mall itself attributes determine its bounce rate is relatively high. Mall is different from the SNS site, the mall focuses on business, and SNS site entertainment. Therefore, the viscosity of the SNS site users are relatively high, online time is long, the jump rate is relatively low.

effectively reduce the user out of the burden of the rate fell on the site operation. Combined with several common factors mall, we work together to find some solutions:

1, B2C mall interaction with the user is more consultation and evaluation message. When the user came to the site to consult a specific problem, how long did it take us to reply? I see a better shop to do the reply time is not more than 15 minutes, and then look at our bar.

2, message reply simple repeat. Taobao sellers in the past have a deep understanding of this point, we have not attached great importance to


3, the construction of the forum. Forum is indeed necessary to match a certain number of people to operate, have not considered some enthusiastic users to help maintain, and appropriate to give some incentives.

4, to encourage users to generate content. Users can evaluate the use of goods, can communicate with each other after the use of goods and experience, etc..

5, you can achieve some good features through technology, such as the development of a mall in the end how much of your mobile phone value? This is also very attractive to users, many friends are willing to play.

as long as the site to identify the interaction with the user point of contact, you can develop appropriate methods to implement. Need to improve the data method, but also the need for a team of super execution.

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